Vestal Peak

Part II

This shot of Vestal's sweeping face was captured using a high-powered lens from the summit of another mountain.
Photo © Kane Engelbert at Kane Engelbert Photography

Getting steep and time to get out the rope.

Alan and Jackie doing some technical stuff on the Wham Ridge.
Photo by Barry Raven

A nice shot of the edge of the Wham Ridge...and our route.
Photo by Barry Raven

Getting near the summit.....

A final belay before the solo summit push.

Obligatory summit photo.

A great view of the mighty San Juan Mountains.  Let's get down before the storms move in.

We practically ran down the mountain to avoid the storms, but still was spooked by nearby lightning strikes.

The next morning, we crossed Elk Creek on the way back to the trailhead and the train stop.

The final mile before the train stop at Elk Park.

Jackie, Barry, and Tim get ready to board the train back to Silverton.  Beer and pizza is only 30 minutes away.

Vestal Peak in all her glory.

A great climb and great adventure.
Thanks to Barry and Kane for the use of their photos.