Jackie and Alan do a 42-way formation over Spaceland Dallas.

Jackie participates in the Jump For The Rose all-female national record.
Photo by Stacey Carl

Alan tracks away from a formation.
Photo by Thad Parker

Jackie gets ready to exit the Otter.
Photo by Jaime Barajas

Alan swoops the landing area at Skydive Dallas.

Jackie doing an accelerated freefall jump with a student.
Photo by Brad Patterson

Alan exits the Caravan with tandem student.
Photo by Jim Pope

Jackie takes daughter, Rhiannon, on her first jump.
Photo by Bryce Willing

Alan doing a sitfly exit with The Cody.
Photo by Brad Patterson

Jackie landing her Crossfire 119.
Photo by Zach Lewis

Jackie exits the Twin Otter at Skydive Houston during Jump For The Rose national record.
Photo by Stacey Cark

Daughter, Melanie, on her first jump with dad and mom instructing.
Photo by Bob Clark

Alan exits the Twin Otter at Skydive Dallas.
Photo by Kevin Kologey

Tandem canopy ride while shooting a hand-mounted camera.
Photo by Alan Ellis

Alan sitflying!
Photo by Brad Patterson

Alan landing his Crossfire 119.
Photo by Jackie Ellis.

Jackie and Alan are instructors at Skydive Spaceland Dallas near Whitewright, Texas.  Come out and make a jump with us! 

Jackie: First jump: 1993.  Total Jumps: 3000.  Ratings: AFF-I, Tandem-I, S/L-I, IAD-I, SDU Coach, AFF Director
Alan: First jump: 1981.  Total Jumps: 5000.  Ratings: AFF-I, Tandem-I, S/L-I, IAD-I, Senior Rigger, SDU Coach

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