Mt. Sherman, Colorado

June 18, 2003

Mt. Sherman, CO

Mt. Sherman, Colorado, 14,036 Ft.

Mt. Sherman is located in the heart of the Mosquito Range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  It is located approximately ten miles east of Leadville, Colorado, and is considered one of the easiest fourteeners to climb.  Mt. Sherman and the surrounding peaks are famous for their mining history.  In the late 1800s this area was one of the centers of gold, silver, and zinc mining in Colorado.  Join us for a great day on Mt. Sherman!

The Meadow
The initial part of our climb required us to cross a boggy meadow.

On the snowbanks.
After crossing the meadow, large snow banks crossed the trail, requiring some fancy footwork.

The Gully
The long, steep gully to the saddle is next.  Andrew trudges up the gully.  Note the meadow behind him.

Higher in the gully.
Higher in the gully, Jackie and Katie are dots far below to the right.

Katie near the saddle.
Near the saddle at 13,140 ft, Katie considers her climb to the saddle. (Mt. Sherman is in the background).

South Slope
Andrew and Jackie begin the long summit ridge climb.  Mt. Elbert and Mt. Massive are far away in the background.

The Ridge
Andrew traverses the long summit ridge.  Mt. Sheridan is to the right.



Top: Jackie and Andrew                   Bottom: Katie and Alan

This is a relatively easy climb and highly recommended for a first fourteener.

Part 1: Mt. Elbert