Mount Lincoln, Colorado

March 2015

Mount Lincoln, Colorado
14,286 Feet

Mountain Lincoln is one of the 54 "fourteeners" in Colorado which rise above 14,000 feet.  In summmer conditions, climbing this mountain is a relatively easy and benign adventure, so we decided to climb in winter to up the challenge.  A winter ascent of a fourteener must be done during the calender winter which is December 21st - March 20th.  However, if you're climbing after March 20th, you will still encounter winter conditions until almost June.  Mount Lincoln's east shoulder route via the Quartzville trailhead offers a relatively safe winter climb if the snow conditions are right.  Regardless of which "easy" winter mountain you climb or route you take, be sure to check and be aware of snow conditions beforehand to avoid possible avalanche hazards.  So....enjoy this climb with Alan and son, Andrew!

At the trailhead in drizzly and foggy conditions.  In winter, there is no parking at the top of the Quartzville trailhead.  Instead, park about a half-mile back at the Zinc Road intersection.

Alan enjoys a snowy hike still below treeline.  
Photo by Andrew Schira

The cloud layer was about 12,500 feet.  So after we climbed for about an hour, the first views of Mt. Lincoln appeared through the mist.

Alan with Mt. Lincoln behind in the clouds.

Andrew is now well above the clouds at about 13,000 feet.

Another shot of Andrew above the clouds.  Most of this route follows an old Jeep road which can be seen in this photo.  Years ago, you could drive a 4x4 vehicle almost to the summit.

Taking a rest and taking off layers.  As the sun warms up and we are climbing, layering allows us to manage our body heat and perspiration.

Andrew about 14,000 feet and hiking toward the summit.

Alan on the summit pitch.  This last section is where avalanche conditions may exist.
Today, however, conditions were good so we pushed on.
Photo by Andrew Schira

On the summit in perfect blue bird sky weather!

On the descent with the clouds starting to roll in again.
Photo by Andrew Schira

Thanks to Andrew for use of his photos. We had a great winter climb!