Missouri Mountain & Mt. Massive, Colorado

September 2010

Mt Massive, Colorado
14,421 Feet

In Colorado's Rocky Mountains, there are fifty-four peaks which rise to 14,000 ft or higher.  These mountains are affectionately called "14ers."  It is a goal among Colorado peak baggers and mountaineers to climb all fifty-four 14ers.  We had the privilege of joining our long-time climbing partner, Barry Raven, during his final two 14er ascents on Missouri Mountain and Mount Massive.   It took Barry almost 30 years to climb all fifty-four 14ers and he lived in Texas most of that time.  Congratulations to Barry on this notable accomplishment!

Missouri Mountain was to be the the first peak that weekend.
A 5:30am start finds Alan on the long steep tundra of the west ridge of the mountain.

Jackie and Scout near the top of the tundra.

After the long steep tundra, Jackie and Barry find themselves on the west ridge about a half mile from the summit.

Jackie, Barry, and Raman traverse the exposed ridge of Missouri Mountain near the summit.

Barry's wife, Raman, takes a break near the summit.

Descending the steep tundra of Missouri while heading back to the trailhead.

The next morning, Jackie and friend, Vicki, start up the steep and rocky trail to the summit of Mt. Massive.

Jackie and Vicki heading up the trail as the sun comes up.  Today would be over a 4000 ft ascent.

Jackie along the trail to the summit of Massive.  Photo by Vicki Meier

Barry heads toward the summit of Massive somewhere around 13,000 ft.

Getting near the summit.  Photo by Vicki Meir

Barry and Jackie approaching the final section with all our friends.  Photo by Vicki Meier

After 30 years, Barry completes the Colorado 14ers!  Photo by Vicki Meier

Descending the mountain takes about four hours.  Here...along the summit ridge.  Photo by Vicki Meir

All these people climbed the mountain on that day to be with Barry when he completed the 14ers.
Photo by Vicki Meier.

Great day on the mountain and congrats to Barry for his completion of the 14ers!
Thanks to Vicki for the use of her photos.

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